Person-centred support for people living with dementia in care homes: economic evidence

Michela Tinelli, Renee Romeo, Martin Knapp, Danielle Guy 2019

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  • Almost all (95%) of the average cost of care home residence (£792 per week) is accounted for by room and board charges. Hospital contacts contribute the largest proportion of the additional healthcare costs. The absence of an association between cost and needs emphasizes the importance of a more needs-based service system which could result in clinical and economic advantages.
  • Person-centred, integrated, and in-reach care home services responding to the needs of individual residents may improve health outcomes and quality of life at reasonable costs.
  • Interventions providing good value for money, similar to the Wellbeing and Health for People with Dementia or Enhanced Care Home Outcomes interventions are good value for money.
Authors Michela Tinelli, Renee Romeo, Martin Knapp, Danielle Guy
Published 2019

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