ESSENCE CASE STUDY Signposting and navigation services for older people: economic evidence

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Key Points


Health, social care and other local government services can help ‘signpost’ or facilitate links to community and voluntary organisations that can help address social isolation and loneliness.

  • Signposting and navigation services are available in many areas, and may be found in GP surgeries, shopping centres and libraries. Some services even proactively identify and liaise with potentially isolated older individuals.
  • Signposting and navigation services can increase access to a range of statutory and voluntary sector activities and support. They can benefit the mental wellbeing and independence of older people.
  • Economic studies suggest that signposting and navigation services have the potential to achieve positive return on investments.
  • However, evidence is restricted to a few small-scale studies and modelling. Further research is needed to test those findings, particularly as findings are likely to vary between different populations and subgroups of older people.

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