Boiler on Prescription Trial

Boiler on Prescription Trial
Burns P and Coxon J GENTOO Group, Sunderland. 2016

Project ID (Internal) 152
Project Status completed
Full Reference (text) Burns P and Coxon J (2016) Boiler on Prescription trial. Report. GENTOO. [The report can be accessed here]
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Summary / Abstract

The report finds a 60% reduction in the number of GP appointments needed by patients taking part in the boiler on prescription trial in Sunderland between Gentoo and the local Clinical Commissioning Group.

The trial took place after it investigated the impact of domestic thermal efficiency works on the health and wellbeing of NHS patients.

It found:

A&E attendances reduced by 30%
emergency admissions to A&E departments reduced by 25%
It also appears that the patients’ ability to self-manage their condition has increased, which has reduced the number of appointments they have needed at their local GP practice.

Publication Title Boiler on Prescription Trial
Author(s) Burns P and Coxon J
Publication Details GENTOO Group, Sunderland.
Publication Year / End of Project 2016
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