Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon
Studdert J, Stopforth S, Parker S, et al New Local Government Network, London. 2016

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Full Reference (text) Studdert J, Stopforth S, Parker S, et al (2016) Get well soon. Report, New Local Government Network. [The report can be accessed here]
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Summary / Abstract

This report from New Local Government Network (and supported by Midland Heart) argues that the health service in its current form is not sustainable, and sets out a new plan for shifting the system to focus on preventing illness, shorten stays in hospitals and help people live independently for longer.

It makes a number of references to housing interventions and the care efficiencies that can be achieved and recommends that any new resources for health announced by government should be designated to support a transition to place-based health and a renewed focus on people’s wellbeing to drive a reduction in health inequalities.

In addition, with devolution in mind, it calls for metro mayors and council leaders to be in charge of pooled budgets and other financial models that ensures places rather than institutions are held to account for health.

Publication Title Get Well Soon
Author(s) Studdert J, Stopforth S, Parker S, et al
Publication Details New Local Government Network, London.
Publication Year / End of Project 2016
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