Personalisation, Productivity and Efficiency

Personalisation, Productivity and Efficiency
Carr S Social Care Institute for Excellence, London. 2010

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Full Reference (text) Carr S (2010) Personalisation, productivity and efficiency. Social Care Institute for Excellence. [The report can be accessed here]
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Summary / Abstract

This report focuses on the potential for personalisation, particularly self-directed support and personal budgets, to result in cost-efficiencies and improved productivity as well as improved care and support. The overall result of this is greater independence and better outcomes for people’s lives. The report provides an overview of some emerging evidence for efficiency from the implementation of personalisation so far, to inform the next stage of delivery.

Reform of social care and personalisation is part of the coalition agreement, which states that:

we understand the urgency of reforming the system of social care to provide much more control to individuals and their carers
we will break down barriers between health and social care funding to incentivise preventative action
we will extend the greater roll-out of personal budgets to give people and their carers more control and purchasing powers.

Publication Title Personalisation, Productivity and Efficiency
Author(s) Carr S
Publication Details Social Care Institute for Excellence, London.
Publication Year / End of Project 2010
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