Social Prescribing and Health and Well-being

Social Prescribing and Health and Well-being
Welsh NHS Confederation Welsh NHS Confederation, Cardiff. 2017

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Full Reference (text) Welsh NHS Confederation (2017) Social prescribing and health and well-being. Welsh NHS Confederation. [The report can be accessed here]
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This briefing paper sets out the important role that social prescribing has on the health and well-being of the population in Wales and highlights some of the social prescribing initiatives already in place which show how patients are benefiting from integrated, person-centred and non-medical services. The initiatives include the Valleys Steps programme which considers alternatives for seeking medical treatment for ongoing mental health issues; Gofal Community Food Co-ops, which provide opportunities for mental health patients to interact with members of the local community; and Care and Repair Cymru’s Warm Homes Prescription Scheme. It also highlights existing evidence which shows the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of social prescribing.

Publication Title Social Prescribing and Health and Well-being
Author(s) Welsh NHS Confederation
Publication Details Welsh NHS Confederation, Cardiff.
Publication Year / End of Project 2017
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