The Home Cure

The Home Cure
Wood C and Salter J Demos, London. 2012

Project ID (Internal) 39
Project Status completed
Full Reference (text) Wood C and Salter J (2012) The home cure. Demos. [The paper can be accessed here]
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Summary / Abstract

A report by Demos that describes the policy background and current evidence about cost effectiveness of reablement services. Based on research with Midland Heart Housing Association it makes recommendations for improving outcomes by engaging housing providers in reablement. In particular it suggests ways to ensure that the reablement process can continue for those who need more than 6 weeks support and that more attention is given to regaining independence outside the home.

Publication Title The Home Cure
Author(s) Wood C and Salter J
Publication Details Demos, London.
Publication Year / End of Project 2012
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