The Social Value of Sheltered Housing: Briefing Paper

The Social Value of Sheltered Housing: Briefing Paper
Wood C Demos, London. 2017

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Project Status completed
Full Reference (text) Wood C (2017) The social value of sheltered housing: briefing paper. Demos. [The paper can be accessed here]
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Summary / Abstract

In February 2017, Demos carried out research to explore and quantify thesocial value of sheltered housing, as a form of housing for older people distinct from other housing with care or generic retirement housing options. This was to help Anchor,Hanover and Housing andCare 21consider the implications of the proposals put forward by the Government, that by 2019, the core rent and service charges for a variety of forms of supported housing will be funded through Housing Benefit or Universal Credit up to the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate. The Work and Pensions Committee and the Communities and Local Government Committee launched a joint inquiry into these proposals in December 20161. This paper provides a review of the existing evidence regarding the impact of sheltered housing, and then draws on this to make some initial estimates as to the cost savings it can achieve in a range of fields.

Publication Title The Social Value of Sheltered Housing: Briefing Paper
Author(s) Wood C
Publication Details Demos, London.
Publication Year / End of Project 2017
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