[SOURCE: Glanz A and Knapp M (2017) Understanding substantive and theoretical issues in long-term care. Glossary of key terms. From: Social Protection Investment in Long-Term Care Project, HORIZON 2020 - Grant Agreement No 649565. European Union. (The resource is accessible here)]

A stakeholder is any individual, organisation or other entity with an interest in long-term care. This will include decision-makers such as government ministers; elected politicians (national, regional or local); public/civil servants (in national, regional or local public bodies); quasi-governmental organisations; chief executives and boards of large and small provider organisations and funding bodies; third sector (non-profit) organisations, small enterprises and small community groups that deliver, finance or broker long-term care; front-line workers in provider bodies; organisations or individuals that lobby for individual rights or better long-term care. The long-term care sector spans not only the health and social care systems, conventionally defined, but also housing, social security (welfare benefits), employment and other systems.

Individuals with long-term care needs and their families are the most important stakeholders.

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