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Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Example content to share with colleagues and contacts who may be interested in the project and providing input

ESSENCE2 Project
March 2022

Dear Colleague,

We are writing to you today to share information about the ESSENCE Project.

The ESSENCE (EconomicS-of-Social-carE-CompEndium) project is an online resource which is free to access. It currently contains 18 case studies covering a range of key adult social care interventions as well as a database of relevant publications on a broader spectrum of adult social care interventions. Its aim is to support decision-makers to access and understand the economic evidence for adult social care interventions.

Asking for your input:

  • Please share the link to the ESSENCE project website with colleagues who may be interested in this information
  • Please get in touch with us by completing our form if you have evidence to share on the economics of adult social care interventions
  • Please provide feedback on how we can improve the information provided on the ESSENCE project website by completing our form

ESSENCE2 Project Team:
Martin Knapp, Michela Tinelli, Annette Bauer, Helen Weatherly, Magdalena Walbaum
Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, LSE

Recent Activities

A (virtual!) meeting of the Project’s Advisory Group: Leanne Dew, Margaret Dangoor, Elizabeth Lemmon, Nicole Steils, Lisa Trigg and Sue Ziebland with project members.

Findings summary: the ESSENCE Project

Findings from the Project were published by the NIHR School for Social Care Research who funded the project.


Journal paper: Development of the ESSENCE Toolkit

A paper published in the Journal of Long-term Care in 2020 provided further details of the approach taken to generate case summaries for the ESSENCE Toolkit.


Watch ESSENCE project and Toolkit webinar
We talked about the ESSENCE project and Toolkit in this webinar.




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Social Care Research