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Economic case for local investment in carer support
Local Government Association Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, London. 2015

The Care Act creates increased responsibilities for councils to address carers’ needs both through preventive services and by meeting carers’ eligible needs. This short factsheet aims to help local authorities to consider whether to put in place a policy of charging carers for services. Based on sample data from case studies from the London Borough of Newham and Surrey County Council, it provides a practical case for investing in support for carers. It sets out the evidence that charging would be a false economy because it would lead to increased ‘carer breakdown’ and the costs of replacing the care provided by those carers would outweigh the income from charging. It aims to help authorities to quantify the financial impact of carers not taking up services if charged and the subsequent lack of support leading to carer breakdown. The evidence suggests that investment in carers’ services to support them in their caring role is financially beneficial for social care and sees a significant return on any investment made. It concludes that local authorities need to give careful consideration to the balance of investment and the potential impact of charging carers for these services

No Health without Mental Health: A Cross Government Mental Health Outcomes Strategy for People of all Ages
Department of Health and Social Care Department of Health, London. 2011

This reports sets out 6 objectives to improve mental health, wellbeing and outcomes for people with mental health problems.

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